Wednesday, March 12, 2008

safe by papa

the other evening ,
as Willow laid in bed between her sleeping papa and I ,
Willow and I were talking ,
as papa started snoring like a chainsaw.
I asked Willow,
"dont you want to go to your own bed now, where it is quiet and you dont have to listen to papa's loud snoring?"
to which she replied
"no, I want to sleep here by papa. Papa's snoring keeps the monsters away"
and I thought ,
how a father is always his 3 yr old daughters hero,
even as he sleeps.

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mommaof4coolkiddos said...

cute! when i was younger my grandmother was in a family of 8 7 girls and 1 boy and she would always tell this story of how when the girls would go on a date and they were late comming in they always knew they were ok if they heard there dads loud loud snoreing when they came in the house but if they did not hear it it was over hahahaha i would always laugh at that story!! ;)