Wednesday, October 1, 2008

flavored apple sauce

is everyone else in the country knee deep in apples and tomatoes right now? I try to do one batch a day of apples in my biggest stainless pot. I have larger pots that are aluminum but that wont work for apples as they burn on the bottom. So it turms out to be about 5 qts a day of cooked down apple. Yesterday I had the idea that I would add(frozen) strawberries to the with the apples and make different flavored sauces. Well if I had done it past yrs and forgotten I think I figured out why we generally dont add other fruit to the apple sauce. After putting it thru the mill I turned it back to the pot and cooked and cooked it but it wouldnt thicken totally. Seems the strawberries must do somthing to the pectin in the apples??? It, of course, has a great flavor tho, so I added a bit more sugar to the pot to sweeten it more and canned it thinking it will be wonderful pancake syrup ie still a bit watery for "sauce" to eat off a spoon but certainly much thicken than plain water so it should slide off the pancakes wonderfully. One jar didnt seal so I will probably make pancakes for lunch and try it out . If it is as luscious as I am anticipating I think I will try adding some blackberries or raspberries to my apples today for another flavored syrup.It is so hard to get *everything* put by at this time of year, so many ideas and so little time! It is so gorgeous and colorful autumn outside now too that a person hates to spend ALL day inside canning. Sometimes tricky to balance
.Oh,,,and I did a batch of 25 pints of hot salsa two days ago and ,WOW! I was SO Happy w/ the results. I can never seem to get my salsa hot enough with the peppers we grow up north here. But this year I grew "habenero" peppers and "WHEW DOGGY"
those lil babies are hot hot!!! The salsa I made was so good~ perfect thickness and super hot hot just how Michael always has wanted me to make it but I have never acheived it:)) Doesnt it make you soooooo satisfied when you make something to can and it EXCEEDS your expectations?? :)) Now next time I am going to add even a few less hot peppers and do a medium sauce for those of us who do not care to clean our sinus' out as the "hot mama" salsa does.A friend of my 18 yr old dd's is Latino and his parents make a home canned salsa that they sell commercially at all the stores in this area and plus I know they ship it somewhat around somewhere in the states. Now we dont purchase salsa, but a friends of Riahs has brought this salsa into our kitchen for Mike and I to try bcz he thinks it is the best salsa in the universe or whatever. So I think that the salsa I made two days ago is just as good :) (like I say~ satisfaction~ high fives~ not bragging, just so pleased:) They sell this authentic mexican salsa for $5 a pint at the local stores. Going by that the 25 pints I made are worth $125~ wow! and that is just one tiny batch of food on the canning shelves. Just think how much our canning shelves are worth!!!
ahhhhhh harvest time,life is good ........
made pancakes for lunch and tried the strawberry apple sauce for syrup. Guess what? It was not watery after cooling in the jar but rather a *nice* apple sauce texture and actually too thick for perfect syrup. So scratch all those thoughts above on flavored applesauce! It DOES work to put different fruit in and to still acheive a nice apple sauce texture.
Just now finished the next batch and put raspberries in this batch. Oh my, it is to die for! Absolute yum and perfect apple sauce texture.
So we will not be using these flavored sauces for pancake syrup but instead eat them ala carte as special tantalizingly tastey treats.
Tomorrow we will try some blackberry apple sauce,
now doesnt that sound exotic?
We are so blessed here on the farm.


Bonnie said...

wonderful! I LOVE harvest too, I love the fall, such a sweet time of year~ and you see all the fruits of your work~ just awesome.
Hey, wouuld you share with us your salsa recipe? Seriously I have all my jars and my mill and my canner on my counter this very moment just waiting for an awesome salsa recipe. I'm going to do tomato sauces today too... but if you have the time to tell me how you did your salsa I would be ecstatic! And I'm SO glad to see you blogging again (o:

mamajill said...

thanx Bonnie!
I will try to get around to salsa thoughts tonight or tomorrow when I have time. Off to the cities to Costco today :))

Bonnie said...

oh man, I wish I was going off to Costco with ya~ I need a Costco buddy cuz I've wore out my husband on it, lol....
ok, I'm going to try to be patient..... trying.....trying......

I'll go can some catsup and sauce today........ my roma's will wait........ (o: love ya

Yara said...

: (
it is not fall in southern california, and you post just made me sad
*big pout*
sounds lovely though

mamajill said...

oh my,
I am so sorry, Bonnie~
I forgot all about blogging about salsa.
I imagine that you are done w/ tomatoes for the year at this point?
Not tricky,
all I do is wash tomatoes and slice in half. Then I put them thru the food processer along w/ lots of onions and sweet peppers. At that point I turn them into my big canning pot and add a dash of lime juice or apple cider vinegar and some garlic and maybe a can or two of tomato paste if the consistency is too watery, let them cook to a boil, TURN BURNER OFF before adding my hot peppers that I chopped in the processor. This year I used habenero peppers and baby, those are HOT. Dont cook the salsa after adding hot peppers or it will burn your lungs and hands. At that point I quickly ladle into jars and hot water bath the qts about 20 mins and the pints about 15.
thats all ....