Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the food crisis in haiti

I need to share with you all,I am just really feeling so much sorrow for the food crisis and thehungry people in Haiti.I mean,all we hear about is the expensive food and fuel in the US andhow that is affecting *us*,but gosh,we just have sooo much more than these poor souls. I mean when was the last time your belly was truly empty because you had no food in your house and you had no means to buy *anything* to fill your empty stomach?
Last night, dh and I went out to an "all you can eat" seafood buffet.This place was packed,,oh maybe ???? 400 people could be held in the restaraunt at one time. And it was FULL to capacity the whole time wewere there. people just streaming in to eat. And everyone,,I mean my husband and I and everyone in this restaraunt, were definitely pigging out. Iam talking full heaping plates, again and again full of crab legs.It was weird for me to sit there and people watch. I dont get out all that much around crowds of adults as I spend most of my life sheltered in my house that I share with many children. But last night I spent a lonnng time just sitting and watching people bcz I was done eating long before Michael. I had time to just sit and do nothing but watch people eat.Now I truly do not mean to offend anyone who has a weight problem,but I have to say how I was so struck by the amount of obese people and even "morbidly obese" people that were eating at this restaraunt last night. Seriously, I saw a *few* people that were obviously so overweight that they couldnt even walk ,being pushed into this all you could eat bufffet in wheelchairs.As I sat in the center of the hustle and bustle of glutonous Americans GORGING ourselves,I couldnt help but reflect on our sisters and brothers hustling andbustling trying to find a meal of rice for supper last night in Haiti

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Aubrey said...

It is really mind boggling! I contemplate how weird our country & society is on a regular basis. I think our media has practically entertained us to death, so many people just don't see, truly see, how good we have it. I think our govt. is screwy, but most of us live such luxurious lives here. So much so that almost anything we could complain about pales in comparison to people elsewhere, such as Haiti. In the US it's acceptable to complain & whine & even sue people over the stupidest things! We should be ashamed. Not that I am above all that, I too find myself filled with jealousy or greed at times! But I do try to be aware, & be grateful every day of my life - for my life!

I have never gone hungry. Not once. But yet I constantly complain about my neverending pile of laundry! Ha! I'm sure many Haitians would trade the clothes off their back just for a good meal for their family.
Oh sigh...