Tuesday, April 1, 2008

yep, the Lord answers our prayers given in faith,even those sincere prayers for the animals:)
Let me share a story of Gods Provision with you:
We were going to run out of hay last Sat.bcz the person that promised to hold hay for Michael last fall changed his mind. When Mike went to go pay for and get his hay he found that this man sold it to another person this spring bcz the price of hay skyrocketed this spring as it is TOTALLY unavailable bcz of the drought here last summer. Everyone is short of hay and hay that sold for $35 a large round bale last fall is now $60 or $80 a bale IF you could find it!So Michael found some bales here, some there, some not so great but he took ANYTHING anyone offered. Our usually FAT happy cows are looking very lean this spring,but Michael is doing his best to find enough hay to tide them over til pasture grows mid May.Last weekend a friend of Mikes brought him a load of small squarebales to take him thru a couple more days. Michael did find someone selling hay in Willow, 7 miles away, which is AMAZING bcz we hav einquired of EVERYONE and most people LAUGHED out loud when you asked them if they knew anyone w/ hay for sale. Anyway,Mike went to look at these bales and they were SHABBY and really loose and had hardly ZERO hay in them for $60 a bale. Michael said he would rather pay $80 a bale for better bales. I had to bite my tongue from TELLING him to SNAP THAT HAY UP!!! bcz I didnt see ANY other haycoming available. But, I did bite my tongue bcz I really felt I was to to stay out of it and let Michael figure it out bcz God has lessons to teach us and it was none of my business.
Then Mike found another guy w/ hay about 50 mins away and another an hour away. All of this hay was EXPENSIVE and then add to that Mike has to hire a friend with a pickup and big trailer and pay gas money to make the ???I dunno how many trips it would be to get 40 bales or whatever, maybe 4 or 5 trips w/ 8 or 10 bales per load????
Then the phone rang yesterday and the person that owns the land touching our land was getting back to Michael as he had talked to her last week about a pile of hay out on their field. SHE DIDNT EVEN KNOWTHE HAY WAS THERE! And when Mike said he had his eye on it all winter she said that it belonged to the guy that rented their fields last yr. So Mike calls that guy and he says,
"no, not my hay. I got all mine off. That is the land owners hay."
So Mike just asks the guy who rented the land to call the landowner and work it out bcz Mike felt like the monkey in the middle and no one knew whose hay it was.
I guess they contacted each other, figured it all out and then the landowner called Mike back to tell him he could have the hay for $25 a bale!!! (for the same hay he paid $35 a bale for last fall when hay was cheap) bcz they just wanted to get the hay out of there!! And Hallelujah~ there are 46 bales!!!GOOD ,BIG BALES !GOOD HAY! even more than Mike asked for!!!And she said that 5 different farmers approached them this week asking for hay and she told them she didnt have any,,,,and all the while they had these bales that they didnt know about,,,bcz God had them saved for Mike,,,right touching our land,,,where Mike wont have to pay anyone for hauling as Mike can just drive the tractor over there and retrieve them one at a time as he is feeding cattle!!
Praise the Lord!!!! I *knew* God would answer our prayers!!!!

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sevendaysofsun said...

Wow! What a story. What a blessing. I can't believe how expensive hay is. Some farmers around us are asking SIX DOLLARS for a small square bale! Lats fall we could get them for as low as $1.75!
I am so happy for you and your critters!