Thursday, January 3, 2008

who I am

I'm your atypical ,slightly alternative, nose ring wearing, Christian, lactating earth gramma. Constantly falling in love again with my soulmate of the past 29 yrs, Michael. Together we live in the same house, on the same patch of earth we moved into 28 yrs ago. This old farmhouse has grown along with our family over the years. We live on the frozen tundra up duluth way, and raise a herd of organic grass fed cattle and a few happy chickens for eggs and meat. I am planning on getting a small herd of milking goats in the very near future. We strive to live as self-sufficiently as possible, and we are always growing and revamping in that area. My goal is to stay out of the commercial grocery store altogether and throw away the can opener forever! Not there yet, but working that way.
I am the busy mama of 11 eleven organically grown children ranging in age from 17 months up to 28 yrs. Nine were born to Mike and I and two were born in Haiti and came to us by way of international adoption almost 5 years ago. Our youngest two are still tandum nursing partners and our oldest three are adults and out of the house. We have one daughter in law and one son in law so far and one beautiful little grandson.
My interests include homeschooling, although I am not militant, I have been at that for about 20 yrs now. I love my gardens and can extensively. I try to prepare all our foods from scratch, growing what we can and purchasing the rest, bulk, through a whole foods buyers club, Natural Farms. The semi delivers right to our doorstep about once a month or so. I also order a few times a year from Frontier, a buying club that specializes in spices , soaps and cosmetics.
We are UC birthing, cloth diapering, non-vaxing, natural remedy type of folk who try to eat as healthy as possible, to stay as far away from the doctor as we can.
I strive to live simply and am working at avoiding consumerism where I can. My children and grandchildren are my jewels. They are the most important blessings in my life.

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